How I Support Tech Fellows by being a Community Manager

Requirements of being a community manager

I am sure you will ask, “why do we need this role?”

I try to give all of my potential skills to serve the students in our tech community. Sometimes students feel afraid to talk to new people in the big or small tech community. They think there is a gap, or maybe there is something that stops them from learning more about coding.

What do I learn so far?

I am still new in this role and still trying to get used to all of the tools that I need to work. However, I get many benefits from taking this role.

1) Strengthen my storytelling skills

Even though English is not my first language, I think it’s best to test my storytelling skill here. I keep exploring how other Discord community does with their channels. If there is something I need to pick up, I will apply it to the community. Sometimes I have a hard time paraphrasing some words or sentences. But I managed it with the help of Grammarly and the co-founder. :)

2) Change student’s mindset about coding

The learning style is not flexible in university, especially in the STEM field. I feel that there is no room for students to have fun. Instead, we are rushed to finish the assignments as soon as possible (sometimes the time frame is only three days). Imagine how stressful it is?

Having fun is important — Photo by Park Troopers on Unsplash

3) Become more collaborative and communicative

I am bad at expressing or talking to other people. There are ideas in my head, but I can’t directly talk them out. This role pushes my boundaries to be able to present my ideas in front of internal members and give feedback to other team members. Collaboration and communication skills are critical in every role, especially this role.

I gave a talk during the Student Day Conference in August 2021

4) Increase project management and marketing skill

Good project management skills are not optional, but it is a MUST. With the tight deadline and more expectations, I have to schedule everything timely and ensure that every team member supports the ideas that I create, including the social media post.

Discord is our main communication media — Photo by Alexander Shatov on Unsplash

5) Understand the students’ concerns or questions

The first time I tackled this role, I kept asking the internal members what if students asked specific questions. I didn’t know how to answer the students’ questions regarding the events.

6) Apply my previous skills

I used to work as a social media manager, tech/UX writer, and student ambassador. Although I have all of the necessary skills for this role, I still have to adjust the skills to the current situation. Things change. Moreover, if we work in the tech and social media field, the trend keeps changing every day.

Trend changes almost every day — Photo by Ross Findon on Unsplash

6) Get appreciation :)

Being honored and appraisal is beyond my expectations. Judging from the job description, I thought this role was not taking too much of my time and was not complicated as other positions are.

One of students came across my LinkedIn and asked to connect
This made my day!



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